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Hot Water Circulating System - Hot Water Circulating Systems

Hot Water Circulating Systems

Anyone who has ever sat in front of a running bathtub waiting for it to finally warm up understands how much water is wasted. With a hot water circulating system, you can ensure that you have access to hot water pretty much whenever you need it. Instead of waiting minutes for hot water to reach the shower at the far end of the house, it can be delivered almost instantly. The cold water that would have gone down the drain is recycled back to the heater. Clearly the main benefit here is water conservation, but it’s also convenient to have instant hot water at any fixture in your home.

How Hot Water Circulating Systems Work

The function of the circulating system is fairly simple. A hot water circulating system uses a pump attached to the water heater that cycles the hot water through continuously. The hot water return line moves the water through the pipes back to the water heater for reheating. Although a continuously running pump guarantees instant hot water at every fixture, using a timer, thermostat or any other methods to trigger the pump can reduce the number of running hours and will help save energy.

Benefits of hot water circulating system

  • Better hot water circulation – No need to wait for flowing water from the faucet to reach a certain temperature
  • Saves water – Water wastage is eliminated or reduced, as hot water left out in the pipes is sent back to the boiler for heating
  • Saves money – Save up to 10% on your water bill

Conserving water  is vital, and your efforts to do so not only benefit your household but the environment as well. Ask the licensed experts at Green’s Plumbing today (818) 880-8847 and find out if a hot water circulating system is right for your home.

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