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Comparing the Best Tankless Water Heaters for Your Home

  • October 13, 2017

No one likes a cold shower, an inefficient washing machine, or dirty dishes – that’s why choosing the right tankless water heater for your home is so important. These modern marvels work hard to provide you with all the hot water your home could need, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal! Here’s a few things you need to know about the decision-making process before you pick a model for water heater installation in West Hills, CA.

• Capacity

Tankless water heaters are great on space because they don’t need to store large amounts of water like traditional water heaters do. The tradeoff, however, is that the hot water outflow is limited – it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great shower or have hot water on demand for cleaning, but it can cause issues in a multi-person household. When more than one person is attempting to use hot water at once, the demand could interrupt your hot water availability. Not sure if your household size will be an issue? Talk with our team at Green’s Plumbing for a model recommendation.

• Power Source

Consumer reports cautions homeowners that tankless water heaters work best in homes that use natural gas for heating. Because of their unique design, the power demands of a tankless model could prove to be too great to an electric-heated home if modifications aren’t completed beforehand.

• Warranty

In addition to working with a professional, trustworthy installation service like Green’s Plumbing, be sure to ask about the warranty for any tankless water heater model you’re considering. Those with warranties of 10 years or more indicate a more durable construction with less likelihood of breakage or component failures.

Contact Green’s Plumbing

If you’re ready to enjoy hot water on demand without the hassles of a traditional storage tank water heater, tankless models may be exactly what you’re looking for. Call our plumbing experts today to get started – we’ll help guide you to the right design for your needs and install it quickly and professionally so you can start enjoying it.

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