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Green’s Plumbing: Water Heater Inspection

  • October 13, 2017

While doing a home water heater inspection, here are a few things we look for on your water heater to assure your safety and it’s proper function. We check for earthquake straps to make sure your water heater is secure and won’t fall over in a large earthquake. We look for the presence of a drain pan to catch any water from a potential leak. We check the safety valves… is there an easily accessible gas shut-off valve? Is there a good shut-off on your hot water heater in case of a leak in your hot water line? Temperature and pressure relief valves are safety devices installed on your water heater and are designed to automatically release water in the event that the pressure or temperature in the water tank exceeds safe levels. The valve should be connected to a drain line that runs down the length of the water heater tank. A Grunfos Comfort System Circulating Pump is and upgraded feature we install. It helps gets hot water to the furthest taps a lot more quickly so you are not wasting water. Another upgraded safety feature is a Thermal Expansion Tank. As water heats, it expands, and without a way for the pressure to be alleviated, your water heater has to absorb the expansion and contraction of the water. That leads to the water heater integrity failure.

Call Green’s Plumbing for a Water Heater inspection at (818) 880-8847.

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