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Five Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

green blog big - Five Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger
  • January 05, 2018

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a toilet clog without aid of a plunger. Although this unsung hero of the bathroom is undoubtedly indispensable, you may find some bathrooms ill-equipped. If you end up in this tough situation, you will need to take a different approach to clearing the clog, so you can move on with your day. Thankfully, you can utilize one of these five following smart tips to unclog your toilet fast.

Wait It Out

If you have the luxury of time, simply walk away and let gravity take care of the problem for you. You may have to leave the toilet to its own devices overnight to see any results. Over time, the downward pressure should work the clog through the pipes, so you can flush the toilet normally. Before you flush to confirm the clog has cleared, locate the emergency shut off valves for the water going to your toilet in case anything goes awry.

Lube the Pipes

Dish soap can act as a lubricant for the material causing the clog in the toilet. You will need to add a couple squirts of dish soap to the water in the toilet bowl, and then wait it out. The dish soap method should work much faster than simply doing nothing while waiting it out. Within a couple hours, you should see results from this approach.

Bring Out the Soda Pop

If you prefer a fast approach to clearing the clog, bring in soda pop to do the job for you. Pour a can of plain cola into the toilet bowl and wait several minutes before trying to flush. This method has an added benefit of cleaning the bowl up nicely while you wait for the clog to dissipate. The acids in the soda clear away stains and other unsightly blemishes without any need for scrubbing.

Add Boiling Water

For an even faster approach, swap the soda for a couple cups of boiling hot water. When you pour the hot water over the clog, it quickly breaks up the waste and dissolves the paper. The clog should clear immediately after pouring the hot water into the bowl. Make sure to limit the boiling water you add to the toilet, as too much could crack the porcelain and ruin the toilet.

Drill Down with a Closet Auger

Sometimes clogs require additional help to move through the pipes and into the sewer or septic system. A closet auger can give you the extra support you need to clear the clog fast. You will use the auger like a drain snake to push the material through the pipes and into a wider passage. You may need to try to clear the clog several times before the waste moves through properly once again.

If you cannot clear the clog on your own, bring in the team at Green’s Plumbing to lend a hand. Simply call (818) 880-8847 to schedule a free estimate and receive the support you need.

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