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Five Awesome Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2018

demo green big - Five Awesome Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2018
  • January 09, 2018

The new year is here – And with it comes the latest kitchen and bathroom trends for 2018. These trends follow the hottest materials and design techniques to elevate the look and feel of your home in unimaginable ways. You will surely fall in love with the design of your home when you use these five following trends during your renovation project.

Quartz Countertops

Granite has long been favored by high-end home builders for its exquisite beauty and immense strength. Quartz, however, has arrived on the market and bashed granite out of the top spot. Quartz has all the beauty and strength of granite, but showcases fresh new finish designs that boost its beauty.

Two Tone Palettes

Single tone kitchens and bathrooms are out, in favor of two-tone color palettes that really pop. Contrasting or complimentary colors allow you to subtly call attention to your favorite areas, such as your kitchen nook or jetted tub.

Brass Fixtures

Chrome has moved out of the way to allow brass fixtures to come back into style. Brass tones stand out against the dual tone paint palettes to create a cohesive design aesthetic. As an added benefit, brass fixtures are phenomenally easy to clean and maintain, as they hold their finish quite well through the years.

Geometric Tilework

Boring subway tiles are exchanged out this year for tile cut into geometric shapes, creating an installation full of intricate designs. The geometric shapes flow smoothly around the edges, which helps them guide the eye around the bathroom or kitchen layout.

Natural Wood and Metal Elements

Using natural wood and metal elements allows you to create a strong focal point for your kitchen and bathroom design. The subtle grains in the wood and metal materials create a stunning finish that cannot be believably replicated with man-made materials.

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