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Signs of Gas Leaks in Your Home

signs of gas leaks in your home
  • February 23, 2018

Using natural gas for home appliances and heating is a cost-effective and efficient way to get the energy you need – that’s why more than 65 million homes in the United States rely on it every day. While natural gas systems are generally considered very safe, a leak can have serious repercussions. Quickly finding and fixing gas leaks in your West Hills, California home is important, as being proactive will keep your system undamaged and your loved ones safe.

Here are 4 ways to determine if you could be dealing with a gas leak in or around your West Hills home:

An unpleasant odor.

This is the most common “red flag” for finding a gas leak inside your house; while natural gas itself is odorless, a highly-scented additive is mixed in to alert users in the event of a leak. This additive, called Mercaptan, is harmless to humans and very easy to smell – it actually shares some components with skunk spray and the sulfur found in rotten eggs.

A persistent hissing sound.

As gas escapes through a crack, break, or hole in gas pipes, it will often make an audible hissing noise and may disturb nearby lightweight objects, such as papers or curtains, the way a breeze would.

Nausea or disorientation.

If several family members are suddenly feeling the same sense of queasiness or disorientation, move immediately outside and away from the home. Contact your gas company to have them investigate a potential leak and ensure the home is safe to re-enter. If a leak is found, contact Greens Plumbing for fast, efficient West Hills gas leak repair.

Unusual discoloration around grass and plants outside.

This is particularly true if the dead or discolored plants are found along underground gas lines; it’s a sign that gas is leaking underground and damaging the soil chemistry surrounding your lines. Also be on the lookout for ground disturbance, such as fire, or dry spots in an otherwise wet or moist area of your yard.

If you suspect a gas leak, it’s always better to play it safe. Temporarily turn off your gas if it’s safe to do so, head outside into fresh air, and have your suspicions confirmed or eliminated by professionals by calling Green’s Plumbing right away.

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