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Leaky Faucets Can Cause Much More Damage Than You Could Ever Imagine

Leaky Faucets Can Cause Much More Damage Than You Could Ever Imagine

A leaky, dripping faucet can amount to much more than a headache by causing damage across your home, finances and the environment. Water constantly dripping from your faucet wastes an enormous amount of resources, all of which end up on your monthly water bill. Perhaps even worse, water can potentially damage your building materials, even while dripping into a basin. Thankfully, if you act fast, you can mitigate the following potential damages from leaky faucets.


The caulk, grout and other materials around the leaking faucet and sink basin can all start to wear away as water continually drips. The leaking water also puts your plumbing pipes under excess strain, which could spring a leak in those components. If water starts leaking out of your pipes, the potential for damage could multiply.


The slow drips from a leaking faucet seem innocuous enough at first glance, but all that water is adding up. A single leaking faucet can raise your water use by at least 10 percent, which could add up to hundreds of dollars extra on your bill each year.


Up to 10,000 gallons of water are wasted annually from residential water leaks alone, causing excess stress on the environment. Therefore, to minimize your household’s impact on the environment, it is important to stop all faucet leaks, no matter how small they seem.

Stop Leaks with Plumbing Services in Woodland Hills

To find leaking faucets and stop their leaks, partner with your trusted plumbers in Chatsworth. Your plumbing will utilize their skills and expertise to track down leaking plumbing components and complete smart repairs to seal up all components. To acquire a free estimate from the team at Green’s Plumbing, give us a call at (818) 880-8847.

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