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Know If It’s Time To Call An Emergency Plumber For A Clogged Drain

when to call Emergency Plumber For A Clogged Drain
  • April 24, 2019

Many homeowners ignore their drains and pipes until a clog or flood happens. They pay attention once the water backs up, overflows and they have to activate a sump pump or bring out the mop.

Of course, cleaning up the mess does not fix the problem. If you’ve tried a bit of drain cleaner and a plunger, but that didn’t rectify the problem, you need the help of a professional plumber. If you see any of a handful of signs, it signals a need to phone an emergency plumber. Call Green’s Plumbing for emergency plumbing service if you notice any of the following five red flags related to a clogged drain: black sludge, slow draining water, weird noises from the pipes, flooding, a bad smell.

Black Sludge Bubbles from the Drain

The black sludge you see seeping up through your sink’s drain is a health hazard. What becomes sludge begins as food debris, hair, skin cells, and soap that becomes trapped in the lines and breeds bacteria. A plumber can not only fix the sludge causing issue but manage the cleanup, as well.

Slow Draining of Water

Many times, you can fix a slow drain with a plunger and some drain cleaner. Many times, you cannot. Older pipes present challenges a plumber can address. The same is true of clearing the clog causing the slow drainage. A plumber can snake the pipes, also called rooting the pipes, to clean the drain and push the clog out. These flexible, thin augers are a common tool of the trade for professional plumbers but would be prohibitively expensive for a homeowner to purchase.

Strange Sounds

The strange sounds you hear in a home do not always represent house settling. It’s not a poltergeist either. If you hear a gurgling sound when you run the faucet, flush the toilet or use the washing machine it signals a major clog. It could be a backed-up sewage drain. Addressing this sound as soon as possible keeps you from having the unthinkable happen — the sewer backing up into your bathroom, kitchen or utility room. Such a backup does not simply cause a huge mess. It creates a health hazard in your home that requires special cleanup. It could be more than physical materials, in the home’s pipes. It could also be sewer gas building up in your home’s pipes. Call an emergency plumber before the sewage enters your home.

Minor/Major Flooding

If the clog already became so noticeable as to cause a flood in the home, it is beyond simple home remedies. The clog causing it needs a plumber to fix it. You could have pipe damage, too. Whether it is a small overflow, or you have a few inches of standing water, call before it leads to a complete sewage back-up. The plumbing service can also help address the cleanup needs. If the water sat for some time because you were not home when the flood occurred, you may need a mold and mildew remediation team, too.

What Is That Smell?

A stinky stench emitting from the bathroom, kitchen or utility room can signal a major clog. Forget the air freshener and address the cause of the problem instead. The plumber needs to inspect your home’s pipes for issues.

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