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Earthquake Shut-Off Valve Facts

earthquake shutoff valve

Earthquake Shut-off Valve Facts All Homeowners Need to know

Living in California, we are all aware of the presence of earthquakes and the damage they can cause. Should an earthquake occur, you need to know that your home will not become immediately unsafe. Broken gas lines, in particular, can be a major issue, so it’s important that you have an Earthquake Shut–Off Valve installed that will instantly turn off the gas supply at the source when seismic activity is detected.

Is your home’s natural gas line ready in the event of an earthquake? Green’s Plumbing provides expert installation of earthquake shut–off valves and recommends that all homeowners have one installed as soon as possible to avoid the risk of a potential gas leak, fire or an explosion.


How Do Earthquake Shut-Off Valves Work?

Earthquake shut-off valves are installed to automatically shut off your natural gas service. It’s critical to restrict the flow of natural gas in order to prevent damage to your home and your health when an earthquake strikes. Damage to pipes or your home’s foundation can lead to serious issues.


Should I Install an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve in My Home?

The answer is a simple Yes. In the event of a seismic earthquake of 5.1 or higher, earthquake shut-off valves will close the gas line even when you are not home. They can save your home from fires and damages when resources are most strained during an earthquake. Not to mention, valves are very soon to be a required update on all homes.


Installation Process

The installation process is relatively simple and can be done in 1-2 hours. The valve should be inspected once every 1–2 years to ensure it still works properly. Should the emergency valve be triggered it should be thoroughly checked to ensure it worked properly and will work properly again in the event of an aftershock.


Reacting to an Earthquake

If your earthquake shut–off valve turns off the gas to your home during an earthquake, it is because a tremor large enough to trigger its sensors occurred. This means that your home’s natural gas service will be interrupted, which can seem like an inconvenience if there is no visible damage. It is important to keep in mind that, even in small earthquakes, damage can be done to pipes, especially thin pipes such as those that carry natural gas. Should your emergency shut–off valve be triggered, we recommend you call us right away to perform a thorough inspection of your home’s natural gas piping and ensure that there is no damage. We will perform tests throughout your home to check for potential leaks and get your gas service running safely again.


Free Visual Safety Inspection

To ensure the safety of your home and family, call the experts at Green’s Plumbing today and schedule your no obligation Free Gas Shutoff Valve Inspection. We will visit your home to inspect your gas lines and select the right valve to match your needs. Call (818) 880-8847 .

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