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Why A Sewer Inspection Is Critical Before Buying A House

Why A Sewer Inspection Is Critical Before Buying A House
  • August 23, 2019

If you’re in the market to buy a house, keep in mind that it’s important to do a sewer inspection! This is a critical first step before taking the leap and signing that homeowner contract. Read on to find out more!

Why is it important?

Unfortunately, many first-home buyers overlook the importance of investing in a sewer inspection. However, not many people make the same mistake the second time around! Homebuyers always get a home inspection, but sewers are usually a casual afterthought. Before you buy a home it’s critical to get a sewer inspection done. This is especially important for older homes. A sewage problem could turn into an expensive and time-consuming nightmare!

How to get an inspection

To get an inspection all you need to do is book an appointment with your local San Fernando Valley plumber that you trust. Let them know that you need an inspection. Don’t forget to ask your West Hills plumber if they can use a video camera to inspect the sewer. If you don’t know anyone in the local area, talk to the real estate agent to recommend a local plumbing contractor or company for you. This is a great way to check the condition of the sewer line, but also if there are any clogging problems. Following this, there are a few questions you can ask. Such as, what material is the sewer pipe made out of and if there are any changes they would recommend. Some older homes may have pipes that were made out of Orangeburg, similar to tarpaper, and these will eventually collapse.

Problems to look out for

There are many issues that plumbing experts will be assessing with an inspection. One major problem is tree roots clogging the pipes. It’s common for small tree roots to enter into the piping system and then latch onto pipe debris such as eggshells or even grease. If the roots have started to destroy the pipe, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Isn’t this covered in a home inspection?

A home inspection will generally cover a variety of different aspects of the house. Most inspectors will take a look at the structure, electrical system, and mechanical aspects of the home. Often, they will even do a brief inspection of the plumbing system.

For instance, they may notice a dripping tap or leaking hot water system. However, they won’t take a look at the underlying cause of the issue. They also won’t even attempt a sewer line inspection. This often gets overlooked for a couple of reasons. One, it requires a plumbing professional to take a look at the system. Second, the sewer network is out of sight and out of mind so it’s rarely thought of as a major problem. This is why it’s essential to book an appointment with your local plumbing specialist and a home inspector, so you have everything covered.

Sewer Inspection

An inspection can be quite quick, however, if there are any major problems it will take longer for the plumber to complete the inspection. It is worth it to understand what changes need to be made. Replacing an entire sewer line can be quite expensive. This needs to be factored into the equation when you’re deciding whether you should purchase the house or not. A sewer replacement system could end up adding a huge amount of money to the bill. This is why it’s so critical to get everything checked first, so you can be prepared if anything needs to be fixed.


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