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Reasons Why Your Sewer Line is Backing Up Frequently

Reasons Why Your Sewer Line is Backing Up Frequently M - Reasons Why Your Sewer Line is Backing Up Frequently

All of the essential plumbing fixtures in your home are connected to the main sewer line. That being said, there is a variety of factors that can cause your sewer lines to clog. This can quickly become a hassle for many homeowners. One of the many challenges that come along with backed up sewer lines is determining the root of the problem. The quicker and earlier the issue is found, the better the result will be. Sewer pipes, the ones found in your drains, trap every strand of hair, food, and tissue, as well as every ounce of soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent reaching the drainage. Although these items are meant for daily use, these could still cause clogged pipes overtime.

As preventative care, it is crucial to avoid throwing harmful chemicals, trash, or anything else that can disrupt your sewer lines. Flushing debris down the toilet can cause your sewer line to clog, and this alone could be an expensive repair. As a rule of thumb when flushing the toilet, only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. And even then, the amount of toilet paper that is flushed down the toilet should be minimal.

Sewer line backups can also occur in older homes and are actually more frequent. Older homes tend to have broken, damaged, or collapsed sewer lines due to the old age of the materials. In fact, the leading cause for these broken sewer lines is the type of material the older sewer pipelines are made of. Cast iron and Clay don’t hold up as long and are not as strong as the newer types of sewer pipelines, which are made of a High-Density Polyethene (HDPE) material. The only way to fix these types of pipelines is to call a professional plumber. Without the proper installation and materials, there is a possibility of a leak, backed up sewer lines, or even an eruption. This can be extremely dangerous for the overall structure of your home. Before moving into an older home, be sure to have your plumber check for damaged sewer lines, and find out the cost to repair them.

Sometimes some issues are completely out of our control. Another cause of sewer line backup is tree roots. Tree roots can begin to grow in your sewer lines and can create massive clogs. Roots and shrubs naturally grow toward sewer lines because these pipes are the source of the tree’s water, oxygen, and essential nutrients. To prevent this from happening, a homeowner can create a barrier between the sewer lines and trees to inhibit root growth in the lines. If a barrier is not built, tree roots will continue to grow and clog your home’s pipelines. Tree roots are also common in older houses and older piping because the Clay or cast-iron pipes will most likely already have small cracks, and the tree roots will grow into the cracks.

All of these causes can be prevented with proper maintenance. Call Green’s Plumbing at (818) 880-8847 to request a FREE quote today!

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