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How to Install a Toilet at Home

How to Install a Toilet at Home - How to Install a Toilet at Home
  • August 21, 2020

Is your home toilet not working properly, constantly running water, or maybe it’s time to replace the toilet unit altogether due to age? Home toilets are very affordable, with basic units starting at about $75 in most areas and running as much as $300-$500 for premium models. Once you have found the ideal toilet for your home, it is time for the installation process. Here is a guide to help you install your brand-new toilet with ease!

Step 1:
Once you’ve chosen your new toilet replacement and made sure it will fit in your bathroom (always measure just in case), then it’s time to start the removal of the old unit. Before moving anything, you need to first turn off the water feed to the old toilet tank. This is a reinforced hose that comes out of the bathroom wall and connects to the tank. It automatically feeds new water into the tank as the toilet flushes, which would not be a good thing to have running when the toilet is removed. Fortunately, the hose is easy to shut off with its valve. Twist it closed. Then flush the toilet until it empties into the basin. The tank should now be relatively empty, and the hose can be disconnected.

Step 2:
The next step is to disconnect your old toilet from the floor. To avoid a big mess, have a tarp laid out to place the removed toilet on, out of the way. Keep in mind it will be heavy, so lift properly when released. You may want to release the tank first and then the lower basin (as many units come in pieces that are connected). If this is not the case for your toilet, check the main locking part. The bolts on the bottom secure the basin to the floor, loosen and remove them, and lift the toilet to remove it.

Step 3:
With the old toilet out of the way, you may have some cleaning to do. Scrub and wipe where the basin imprint is. You might get a bad smell from the sewer drain, so plug it with an old rag. Just don’t forget to remove the rag before installation. Also, remove any of the former wax seal left on the securing ring around the sewer drain. Now, you’re ready to start the installation.

Your new toilet should come with a new wax ring. This has to be placed first to prevent water from leaking as you flush. Once set, you can then place the basin onto the sewer drain and wax ring, seat it firmly, and then secure the basin bolts to the floor. Don’t overtighten or you will crack the ceramic of the basin.

Step 4:
Now you can set the tank on top and secure that in place too. With the toilet assembled, it’s time to connect the water feed hose to the tank. Make sure everything is in place and secure. Once again, remember to remove the rag from the sewer drain before continuing. With the job complete, you can turn on the water flow and let the tank fill. Flush the toilet slowly and consecutively for at least ten times. Look for any water leaks around the tank bottom and the basin bottom at the floor. Also, check the hose to make sure it is secure. With the job completed and no leaks, you can then work on removing the old basin and cleaning up.

Step 5 and Cleanup:
Removal can be done in one of two ways. First, you can take the entire old unit to a local dump if you have transportation or break up the ceramic tank and basin with a sledgehammer and put it all in a garbage can. Just make sure you wear gloves and eye protection in case there are flying ceramic shards that can hurt your eyes, this is a common problem when breaking up this type of material.

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