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Alan N. – Yelp

  • January 07, 2019

Green’s Plumbing is very expensive. I would give them higher ratings if they cared more about their clients rather than the “oh mighty dollar”. I’m a little perplexed on how Ed Green (owner) handles his customers. As a business owner myself I would go out of my way to make sure that I meet or exceed a clients requests, however, that didn’t happen here. I asked Ed for advise on a simple solution to minimize my financial risk and the advice I got from him was a voice recording saying he didn’t want to do business with us. The first request was to get a price on a toilet, Ed said we would call me the next day on a competitive price well that returned call never happened. I also asked Ed to install 2 toilets and asked him if would be more efficient and economical to do it on one visit. Ed’s response was “it will $240-$250 per toilet” now you be the judge…. $500 to install 2 existing toilets? Greens was just here the other day and I paid them $550 replace a pantry faucet. To be frank, I’m remodeling my whole house it’s not about the money it’s about fairness for an existing good client. I have used them on 2 other jobs and didn’t squabble on the high price so for Ed to turn down business because I’m asking for sound advise and a fair deal is extremely perplexing.

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