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Simon L. – NextDoor

  • February 03, 2018

I had an underground galvanized pipe sprinkler leak right before a valve and the only way to stop the water from running was to shut off the main valve either at the street or using the red colored valve. In this situation, I had no water running inside my home. Green’s Plumbing immediately cut off the pipe on the right and capped it since it went to the irrigation lines I can still have running water inside my home. In the first picture you can see it looks like a hodge podge of band aid jobs from prior plumbing jobs with a mix of galvanized, copper, and brass in all weird bends. So, in the next few days I had them redo the whole thing using copper with independent valves so I can turn the water on/off between the house or the irrigation system separately. Also had them give me a new regulator and pressure relief valve while they were at it. Works great and I can control the water flow between my home and irrigation independently!

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